PsyTales Radio Show invites : Kalilaskov AS Music

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For this edition of your favourite weekly psytrance propaganda were inviting a special guest:

Kalilaskov AS!Sounds fun right?! Tune in and check out yourself!


Kalilaskov AS is a project created by Vadim Tcherkashin in Israel in early 2000s.Vadim born in the USSR near Chernobyl and after the infamous atomic disaster in the region he moved to Israel with his family.

In Israel Vadim fell in love with psychedelic trance and eventually decided to pursue his own solo project.Around the same time the nickname Kalilaskov first appeared.Initially it was only a name used by Vadim’s close friends to address him (translated as “the kind one” from Belorussian).

But later Vadim adopted this name as his permanent alias and added AS to it, which stands for Atomic Station.Thereby Kalilaskov AS was officially born.

It did not take long for the global psytrance community to take notice of the young musician and his unique music.

The very first release came out on the French Nabi Records and after that multiple compilation releases followed on some of the best labels in the world

.At the moment Vadim produce Night Full On, Progressive and much more styles…


Schedule:🔊–>20:00- 21:00: KALILASKOV AS – Germany Live Set (Hamburg, Lonely Forest Crew)

Soundcloud :

Facebook Music :

Ohm Ganesh Pro :

Releases (CD’S, DIGI) :

Contact :Email Bookings :

Email Direct :

Ohm Ganesh Pro :

🔊–>21:00-22:30: xTal – La Haya

Soundcloud :

Facebook :


Tune in and drop out!With love,psytales team!

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