Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (Spench and Twisted Reality Remixes)

Title : Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (Spench and Twisted Reality Remixes)

Label : Ohm Ganesh Pro
Release Date : Coming Soon
Style : PsyTrance/DarkPsy
Release Date : 6/11/2021

TrackList :

01.Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (Spench REMIX)
02.Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (TWISTED REALITY REMIX)


2 More Remixes from Denmark Artists Spench & Twisted Reality
To the already Immortal Track by Kalilaskov AS!

Kalilaskov AS

Underground Psy Trance
Project from Israel
Created by Vadim Tcherkashin
in early 2000…


Spench is the brain child of Claus Valgren. 150bpm nighttime/twilight with almost no brakes.
North Zeeland based Spench has been dancing, producing and DJing in the Psychedelic trance scene since 1998.
He likes to combine acoustic instruments like Piano, Ozark harp, Trumpet, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Didgeridoo and voices into his music to give it twist.

Twisted Reality

TwistedReality is 38 years old upcoming producer stated in Denmark. In his everyday life in Denmark, he’s surrounded by nature which inspires his twisted sound.
His journey into the psychedelic world started in 2015 where he attended his first party. After that there where no way out, instantly he fell in love with the psychedelic music.
1 year after he was producing and that was the very beginning of TwistedReality.
The whole idea with the project is to create and develop a unique sound in his tracks using all kind of sounds never before adopted to the electronic music.
A lot of hard work in the studio, 2021 hi finally released his first track. He has now found the dark and mystical sound that he used to express TwistedReality.
Besides producing he makes psychedelic underground parties at different locations in Denmark.
He is also a proud co-owner of the Danish PSY label Back2Basic records which he and his wife founded in 2020.

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