Ohm Ganesh Pro – Psytrance Records & Booking Agency.

Ohm Ganesh Pro

Ohm Ganesh Pro – Psytrance Records and Bookings ॐ

Psytrance Records and Booking Agency

Based in Germany, U.S.A, Israel and soon one more office in EU.We work with different kind of Psy Trance Music!

#psytrance #progressive #darkpsy #forest #hitech #goa #hitechmusic and more…

Biggest selection of Artists and DJ’S from all around the world!
Welcome to visit and get in touch with us for Booking our Artists or Collab for events in your country!

Email : ohmganeshpro@gmail.com

FB Page : https://bit.ly/3brqrK9

Beatport : https://bit.ly/2ZyySRc

BandCamp : https://bit.ly/3nNkJbl

SoundCloud : https://bit.ly/3CvIWsB

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