Kalilaskov AS – News from Bulgaria

Hey friends just to update!

Already moved to Bulgaria and started new studio!

Work on New Music Started!

Some short Demo from Fresh 155 BPM Track

Some Credits, Links and Information to contact me for Booking :

Links :

Official WebSite : http://www.kalilaskov.com
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/kalilaskov-as
Facebook Music : https://www.facebook.com/kalilaskov.as.music/

Contact :

Email Bookings (Main) : kalilaskovasbookings@gmail.com
Ohm Ganesh Pro (Records/Bookings) : ohmganeshpro@gmail.com
Booking Agent (Diana) : kali.booking2022@gmail.com

Phones :

BG +359 89 5234354 (WhatsApp)
IL +972 54 5901013 (Whatspp/Viber)

Location : Varna, Bulgaria

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