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Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (Kilogx Remix)

Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (Kilogx Remix) ☠️

Very Deep and Ahoi Pirate Track! 💀

Released by Psygen Records

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Kalilaskov AS & Spench (feat Twisted Reality) – Ubiquitous Flux

Kalilaskov AS & Spench (feat Twisted Reality) – Ubiquitous Flux

“Ohm Ganesh Pro”
Crazy DarkPsy track from 3 master minds!



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Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate (Wontagu Remix)

Kalilaskov AS – Sparrow The Last Pirate [The Remixes] mixed by BIRD (Psygen Rec)

An album with 11 worldwide remixes for Kalilaskov AS in partnership with Ohm Ganesh Pro – Israel.
We appreciate all musicians for the masterpieces and BIRD for this awesome mixtape.
The album is available over Beatport, Bandcamp and Spotify.

Words from me :

Very cool mix to my fresh album release of remixes by BIRD!!!
Thank You!!!


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Sparrow The Last Pirate (The Remixes)
Kalilaskov AS, Psy B, Halform, Arkantos, Kronovisor, Thirsty Amigo, Bent, Wisefox, Rewired, Paxa, Atomo, Kilogx

Release by Psygen Records :

Kalilaskov AS :

Booking : Direct P.M.

Kalilaskov AS – Live Set Germany, Hamburg 21 October 2017 FREE DOWNLOAD

Here is full Live show recordered from very nice event in Germany. Hamburg! MP3/320

all tracks from Kalilaskov AS solo + some VS tracks 🙂
Use SHAZAMMMMM to name it! 🙂

Event by Lonely Forest Project (Germany) and Ohm Ganesh Pro (Israel)

Event Details!

Hamburg, Germany 2017!
In amazing location MS. STUBNITZ – Boat!

LONELY FOREST is back ! [after movie]
soundtrack at TAKSHA [unreleased]

Youtube Video!

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➤ LFP Music

➤ Ohm Ganesh Pro

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Kalilaskov AS – Summer Mix (Ohm Ganesh Pro) 2018

Hi friends!
Track List :

01. Fever of Fives – Why So Serious 139 BPM
02. Elepho – The Escape 139 BPM
03. UV Society – Prometheus and Valentine 139 BPM
04. Damender – Inverted Reality 139 BPM
05. Kalilaskov AS and Damender – Acid Prove (Diamond Remix) 140 BPM
06. Jadoo – Gandharva 140 BPM
07. Damender and Kalilaskov AS – Super Mantra 140 BPM
08. Pro Active – Metal Phazer 144 BPM
09. Goa Luni – Sleeping TV 145 BPM

Mixed by Kalilaskov AS

Ohm Ganesh Pro manager Kalilaskov AS presents his Summer Mix for 2018 packed with lots of fresh and classic tracks from the label catalog.Striking like a drop of acid in a Virgin’s brain, K.AS. is one of the new leading projects of the psychedelic trance underground. Russian born, he moved to Israel in the 90’s to settle down. In 1998, he got involved very fast in the electronic music scene when he had his first psychedelic experimentation’s. ‘Kalilaskov AS’ project started in 2000 and for the next years, his time and efforts were spend on creating original sounds and trying crazy stuffs. It’s now the time for ‘Kalilaskov AS’ to make you experience this crazy new vibes design to take you to another realm of awareness. After his first release on ‘NAbi-recs’, Vadim’s music, as a computer virus, sprayed among the listeners and became very quickly a new standard of quality in Israeli psychedelic trance.

Kalilakov AS – Acid Test (DJ SET) FREE DOWNLOAD Psytrance Mix

—–===== FREE DOWNLOAD in WAVE FORMAT =====—–

Hello friends so here is some Kalilaskov AS – Acid Test.
All tracks was mixed by Kalilaskov AS and downloaded in wave quality from Internet free compilations.
Normaly i almost not play DJ Sets, but once i had to play 2 times at one event and second was DJ Set.
Recordered with SoundForge from Line Out channel from Main event Mixer.

Style : Forest/Darkpsy/Psychedelic
Records : Various
Time : 1 hr
Format : Mastered Waves
Mixed by : Kalilaskov AS

Tracklist and details :

1. Hybrid Reality – Broceliande 139Bpm
2. Sionnach vs Xymox vs Lah Narrad – Smash the Pashty 148 Bpm
3. Third Eye of Monkey – Ch’Eh’Oh 150 Bpm
4. Erich Chudl – In the Middle of Nowhere 151 Bpm
5. The Galactic Brain vs Nierika – California Gold 152 Bpm
6. Reflection – Raining Tress (Part 3) 154 Bpm
7. Aurokarya – Early Retirement 150 Bpm
8. Parasense – DJ’S Centipede 148 Bpm
9. Dirty Saffi – Rest of Our Lives 149 Bpm

Thanks to all artist’s for such amazing and trippy music.
I am had real fun to play and mix all the tracks together.
Real Psychedelic Trip!

For more information about my own music, demos to “Ohm Ganesh Pro”, Booking or just to say HI!
Feel free to contact me via my Facebook page

Vadim Tcherkashin – Kalilaskov AS

Have a good time ppl 🙂 !!!